100K in the UK – Free, entry-level Cybersecurity certifications

Whether you want to break into Cybersecurity, progress on your career or just want to expand your general knowledge, one of the best ways to achieve this is through one of the multiple, industry-wide accepted cybersecurity certifications such as CompTIA’s Security+, EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or (ISC)2‘s Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). These are often considered the industry standard and a minimum requirement for many cybersecurity positions.

The cybersecurity industry is booming at an unprecedented pace, and there is currently a massive shortage of professionals for the huge number of positions out there, with predictions that this shortage of professionals trend is only going to grow even bigger over the forthcoming years as many more positions are expected to be created every year.

If you have come across a cybersecurity job advert, you’ll most likely have noticed how many, if not all job positions mention some of these certifications as a must-have, or at least as a highly desirable criteria. However, some of these certifications and exams can be quite expensive! But that’s why I wanted to write this post.

One of the most widely accepted certification issuer is the Information System Security Certification Consortium (Also known as (ISC)2). The (ISC)² is a non-profit organization which specializes in training and certifications for cybersecurity professionals, and on the 17th of May, they started a new campaign in the UK, offering free certifications vouchers and exams and aiming to grow the nation’s Cybersecurity workforce.

This campaign is called the 100K in the UK, and it is offering 100.000 free entry-level cybersecurity certifications and exams to UK citizens. Generally this certificate is priced around 225.00USD (~170 GBP), so this is an incredible opportunity to get your foot into Cybersecurity at no cost!

Why is it only available in the UK? As per their T&Cs, the (ISC)² is engaged with key cybersecurity governing bodies, standard-setters and leaders within the United Kingdom, including the UK Cyber Security Council and the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

So if you are located in the UK and want to learn more about cybersecurity, are interested in a career change, or just want to grow your skillset, you should not miss this opportunity.

You can apply for this free, entry-level cybersecurity certification through the (ISC)2 site by clicking here.

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